Economy Cars are primarily meant for peculiar transit. These cars are inexpensive to buy. Fuel economy plays a major role in these cars. mid size cars have the capacity to carry 4 passengers- 2 adults and 2 children. It is a super skate that is specially designed for low cost affairs and is easy to operate.

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TATA INDIGO Vehicle Specifications
» Engine 1193 cc
» 5- Speed Manual Transmission
» Horsepower : 65 bph @ 5000
» Torque : 105Nm@ 2500rpm
» Fuel Used: Petrol

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Tata Indigo is a comfortable, spacious, premium-features sedan with class-leading ride and handling characteristics in the midsize segment.

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TATA INDICA V2 Vehicle Specifications
» Engine 1405 cc
» 5 forward and one reverse gear
» Power : 68 PS@4500 rpm
» Torque : 13 kgm@2500 rpm
» Fuel Used: Petrol

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Tata Indica V2, an improved version of the original Indica, has several added features: SuperDrive engine, BlockShock absorbers, SmoothRide suspension, EasyShift gears and WideTread tyres.

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MAHINDRA LOGAN Vehicle Specifications
» Engine 1390 cc
» 4 Cylinder, 8 Valve
» Power : 75bhp @ 5500 rpm
» Torque : 112 nm @ 3000 rpm
» Fuel Used: Petrol / Diesel

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Mahindra Logan is an Indian adapted version of European version. In order to reduce the overall cost some of the premium features in European version are not available in Indian Logan. The "Indian" adaptation includes, a new powerful air conditioning system, better suspension, high ground clearance and right hand drive.

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SWIFT DZIRE Vehicle Specifications
» Engine 1298 cc
» 4 Cylinder, 16 valve
» Power : 87bhp @ 6000rpm
» Torque : 113Nm @ 4500rpm
» Fuel Used: Petrol

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The Swift DZire is an extended version of the all loved swift hatch back. The sedan weighs 30-35 Kgs more than the Swift, keeping the wheelbase all the same. This fresh looking sedan is all built on Swift platform. Hence you can expect all the goodness of Swift in Dzire also.