Corporate Events:

These activities are in-house, which are hosted by the company, only for its staff. This is usually related to the new advancements that need to be incorporated in the company, in order to bring it up to the present time. Generally, experts from outside are invited to address the participants at the conference, taking the shape of a workshop.

Grand Event:

These include international events such as the concerts and live performances, wherein rock stars and pop stars are invited from around the world to perform here. Or then, the events are a part of the star's world tour, with a stop over on Indian soil.

Sports Event:

Whether at the inter-school or inter-collegiate level, as well as those at a larger level requires a lot of planning. This is not just about the venue, but the entire event – the pre-sports (qualifying rounds) leading up to the final day event. In fact, sporting events such as the international football, cricket, tennis competitions, for instance need planning and implementations well in advanced.

Live Concerts:

It is not only a form of entertainment, but also a way to relax and be at ease. In fact, many are ready to pay any amount of money to attend a live performance by their favorite singer/musician. No wonder, musical events have been a success through the years. These include the international performances, as well as those by the performing artistes of the nation.

Fashion Shows:

One of the most important platforms for fashion designers to showcase their work are the fashion shows. Today, not only are Paris and Milan important fashion centers, but the list also includes India on the global fashion map. These shows are not meant for the day-to-day consumers, so to speak, but are used as marketing and launch platforms.

Product Launch:

However, in order to ensure that the launch is actually profitable, there is a lot of planning that needs to put in. The launch is not just about placing the product in the market, but also announcing it in an alluring manner to the consumers. This entails not only appropriate advertising channels, but also events that crate further product awareness.