SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles) for Hire

SUVs or Sports Utility Vehicles are best suited for a small group of people; a high capacity vehicle maintains a class of its own and looks quite trendy. Comfort and reliability are two major features of these cars. SUV's are regarded as a rugged, off-road vehicle benefits on hilly areas, mountains and jungles. Suhalaya Travels SUV Rental Service provides wide range of SUVs for its customers at affordable price.

They are more popular for their 4 wheel drive, handles well on all types of road surfaces and terrain, and are much safer on roads due to the fact that they are sitting up high and are in a massive structure when compared to other vehicles.

Honda CRV car hire bangalore
HONDA CRV Vehicle Specifications
» Engine 2354 cc
» 2.4 liters in-line 4 front engine
with 87.0 mm bore
» Power : 124 kW
» Torque : 218 Nm @ 4,200 rpm

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They call it CR-V, which stands for "Comfortable Runabout Vehicle", all this global popularity obviously has resulted from the CR-V's strong balance of attributes: compact size, surprising utility, good fuel economy and affordability. But no one would argue it has been the prettiest, quickest and most fun to drive vehicle in the market.

XTRAIL hire bangalore
NISSAN X-TRAIL Vehicle Specifications
» Engine 3954 cc
» 2.4 liters in-line 4 front engine with
with 95.5 mm bore
» Power : 195 kW
» Torque : 381 Nm @ 4,000 rpm

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Based on the Frontier pickup truck, the Xterra is a "return to the soul of the sport-utility vehicle.The SUV targets younger people who lead active lifestyles and find Nissan's midsize Pathfinder SUV out of reach.

Pajero car hire
MITSUBISHI PAJERO Vehicle Specifications
» Engine 2835 cc
» 2.8 litre 8 valve SOHC Turbocharged
Intercooler Diesel
» Power : 118.6 @ 4000 rpm
» Torque : 29.8 @ 2000 rpm

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Pajero is built for rough times and the strongest affirmation of this comes each time the road opens up with promises of a difficult ride ahead. Mitsubishi Pajero has crumble zones to protect the passengers from receiving any injuries in the event of any accident. The windows have anti-trapping power windows which provide safety during adverse situations. Also the fuel tank is located higher than in most other cars, this minimizes major accidents.

hire prado
TOYOTA PRADO Vehicle Specifications
» Engine 5663 cc
» 5.7Litre 8 valve
» Power : 381 hp @ 5600 RPM
» Torque : 401 @ 3600 RPM

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Prado is considered by the critics as the best SUV in the Indian market today. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is equipped with high power engine, extremely rigid chassis and four wheel drive. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado stretching to a length of nearly 16-feet and standing over six feet tall is easily the biggest SUV in India at present.

Hire Innova
TOYOTA INNOVA Vehicle Specifications
» Valve Layout-16V DOHC
» Liquid cooled 4-cylinder inline
» Fuel Capacity - 55 litres
» Fuel Used: Diesel

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Toyota Innova has terrific interior space and comfort, great refinement, a smooth and punch pair of engines and impressive flexibility. the Innova is car like to look at and drive, and beautifully built. Weaknesses are few, principally the highish price and the cumbersome size.

Hire Tavera
TAVERA Vehicle Specifications
» Engine 2499 cc
» 2.5L Direct Injection (Turbo)
» 5-speed Manual
» Fuel Capacity – 55
» Fuel Used: Diesel

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Tavera offers the passenger and cargo capacity of larger SUV with better fuel-efficiency, moving away from the crude SUV tradition, with seating for up to Six occupants, excluding the chauffeur, based on the super standard chassis, with a comfortable architecture, has its own charisma when its on the move.

hire Qualis in Bangalore
TOYOTA QUALIS Vehicle Specifications
» Engine 2400 cc
» Five Door
» Music system
» Air-Conditioner
» Fuel Used: Petrol/Diesel

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Toyota Qualis is trusted in all times for its road grip, powerful and more refined than its predecessors.Typically the whole extended family climbs in before even short trips, just for the adventure, it adds up a true value for your trip, while it is built to suit to carry your luagges, with ample leg space.